The son of former gang members and a Vietnam Veteran as well as a grandson of a WWII Veteran and a Filipino immigrant, Steve is the youngest of three boys who grew up in the Harbor City community of Los Angeles. His father is Black, and worked as a computer programmer and his mother was Filipino and Mexican, and worked as a human resource manager in the Aerospace industry.

He attended Nathaniel Narbonne High School, where he played basketball, high jumped and long jumped. After graduating high school with Honors in 1989, Steve moved into his grandfather’s house located in Echo Park and attended the University of Southern California (USC), where he graduated from the Marshall School of Business in 1993 with an emphasis in Marketing. While attending USC, Steve worked for the Office of External Affairs, was a member of the Emerging Leader Program created by Dr. Warren Bennis and was an active participant in the Black Student Union, Troy Philippines, and the Latino Business Student Association.

Upon graduating college, he first went to work in the Internet industry during the Dot-Com era working with high-profile Internet startups such as, and Yahoo! as well as Fortune 500 companies like Edison International, the Walt Disney Company and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. As the Dot-Com era came to an end in 2002, he made a career change to the commercial real estate industry where he worked for several firms, including one of the top commercial real estate firms, Cushman & Wakefield.

Today, Steve operates several niche real estate brokerages that focus on buyers and tenants of commercial properties as well as provides land use consulting to businesses, organizations and individuals requiring assistance in navigating the government entitlement and permit process. In addition, Steve is an active community activist throughout the Los Angeles region. Specifically, he assists people who live in proximity to each other, and share common problems, with joining and/or forming community organizations that act in their shared self-interests.

“I’m not running AGAINST anyone. I’m running FOR the People of the 43rd District.”

Steve Williams

We are all too aware of the problems plaguing our country, our state, and our communities. The blame lies squarely with the career politicians running our government.  Upon reaching Congress, I will fix what they have broken by:

  • Protecting Retirement Income;
  • Reforming Long-Term Health Care;
  • Reducing ALL Prescription Drug Costs;
  • Decreasing Living Expenses; and
  • Increasing Property Values.

And then, I will pass the baton to the next man or woman who is eager to continue fixing what breaks or has remained broken.

“Send me to Washington D.C. to repair the damage done to our communities.”

Steve Williams